Anna has spent the last 30 years studying, working and teaching in the wellbeing industry.

Meet Anna

Anna has dedicated the past three decades to studying, working, and teaching in the realm of well-being, particularly focusing on the healing arts for humans and animals. Since her youth, she has had a connection with trees, elementals, dragons, and spirits. At just 17, she became a Reiki Practitioner and later advanced to a Reiki Master teacher.

Alongside being a certified Equine Tactile Therapist, Sound Healer, Remedial Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Counselor, and having expertise in herbal and flower medicine, Anna delved into intuitive energy healing, shamanic practices, and green witchcraft to offer a holistic well-being approach.

Her passion lies in guiding others to discover their inner magic, a journey that intensified when her daughter was born 16 years ago, reigniting her childhood gifts.

Co-founding the internationally acclaimed children’s well-being modality – Chakradance Kids, Anna has created a space for magical and powerful programs that are truly making a global impact, reaching families and children from diverse backgrounds around the world. This powerful and innovative modality created by Anna and her business partner have resonated with people seeking a blend of movement, mindfulness, and creativity for their children. With over 300 facilitators across 15 countries, dedicated to bringing these transformative experiences to communities, the positive influence of Chakradance Kids continues to grow.

Featured in prestigious publications like Forbes, the success of this initiative shines a spotlight on the importance of holistic well-being for children.  As the modality expands to more countries, it is heartening to see the positive impact it is having on young minds and families worldwide.

While nurturing this lifelong passion, Anna’s personal growth journey involves blending ancient wisdom with contemporary methods to aid others on their healing journeys. Through her diverse practices and teachings, she empowers individuals to access their inner wisdom and embrace their unique talents. 


Offering new courses for youth and the young at heart, Anna strives to bridge gaps, fostering deep respect and love for all beings while connecting realms and their inhabitants.


With a compassionate heart and a spirit attuned to the universe, Anna radiates light, sharing love and healing wherever she goes. Her commitment to helping others unearth their magic and inner peace underscores her dedication to the well-being of all beings.

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